Richmond Bridge Association

March 6, 2015
Welcome to the Official Site for the Richmond Bridge Association, Unit 109, part of District 6 of the American Contract Bridge League! Here you will find information on duplicate bridge in central Virginia.

Where is Unit 109?

Richmond Winter Sectional Report

Our Richmond Winter Sectional, held February 27-28 and March 1, survived the weather and attracted a successful 183 tables for the three days.

Congratulations to Harry Gellis and his partner Kent Massie who scored a whopping 42.36 master points for the three days and were the recipients of a $50 Visa Gift Card, courtesy of Ryan Harris of New York Life, as the high point winners. In the under 300 master point group, Parke Messier also won a $50 gift card as the top point getter with 10.10.

In Bracket 2 of the Sunday Swiss Game, Anne Atwood’s team of Susan Wagner, Mike Salmon and Nancy Golden came from 19 points behind to wallop the leaders by 30 imps, scoring 20 points to win first in the bracket by one point!

The complete results for all three days can be found on the RBA website (Game Results) and the ACBL website.  Thanks to everyone who braved the conditions and played.

RBA has another sectional in Fredericksburg, March 13-15. Our next Richmond Sectional is June 12-14 at the Clarion and our Memorial Day Regional is May 19-25. Lots of bridge is available.

Bridge Center Roof Repair

If you go to the Richmond Bridge Center, you already know that the roof leaks. They have been dealing with the problems with the roof for quite awhile. At the present time, the ladies’ room is unusable. The repair is set to begin on Monday, March 2. There is no way of knowing how long it will take, so the Bridge Center will cancel games until things look better inside. Game cancellations will appear here in red in the upper right corner as they are decided. At the present time, games are cancelled for Friendly Bridge on Sunday night, March 1 and Stanley’s Women’s Invitational on Monday morning, March 2. Further announcements regarding other games are pending. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Jo Petranka’s Games Temporarily Suspended

Since Jo can hardly see and has to have a corneal transplant next week, she has temporarily suspended all three of her weekly games [Fredericksburg] effective immediately.  Please make sure your partner knows and spread the word. She will get back to you as soon as she is able to restart them.

ACBL Partnership Desk

It has been said that it’s easier to find a compatible spouse than a bridge partner – until now. Introducing the ACBL Partnership Desk, the newest member benefit, that connects players for club, tournament and online play.

From MyACBL, members can post requests and search for partners by club location or tournament. Profiles already contain rank and masterpoint information with options to add a picture, preferred systems and more.

Learn more about the Partnership Desk and then see for yourself.

Want to visit a new club? Are you traveling or new to an area? Need some gold masterpoints but your partner isn’t available for tournament travel? Use the ACBL Partnership Desk and never miss a game again!

Reidelbach Team Game Trophy Winners

Reidelbach Team Winners February 2015

Karen Hamlett, Jane Riddle, Winne Fratkin, Barry Fratkin

On Wednesday, February 25, Ben’s Bridge Club at the Bridge Center sponsored the annual Reidelbach Team Trophy Game. This year the trophy was won by the team of Barry and Winnie Fratkin, Karen Hamlett, and Jane Riddle. Good playing!